The Blevins - SA Director BIMI

The Bradleys - NYC

 The Bushs - Vision Baptist Mission President
The Campbells -MWBM Asst. to the Director

The Canavans - NYC
The Caudills -MWBM Director
The Desirs - Haiti

The Gibbs - CLA

The Hambys -MWBM Assistant Director
The Hayes - Montana
The Heaths - Tennessee
Hope Christian Home - Florida

The Howards - Utah
The Johnsons - Wings Bearing Precious Seed (Kentucky)

The Jones - California
The Maynards - Evangelist
MWBM Home Office - Georgia
The Pearlsteins - Washington
The Randells - Arizona

The Randells - Arizona

The Saunders - Church Rescue

The Saunders - Southwest Field Director MWBM
The Smiths - Georgia
The Smiths - North Carolina

The Spears - Puerto Rico
The Staleys - US Military (Spain)

The Stanfords - Georgia
The Turners - Gulf Port Prison Ministries