Pastor Nathan Dorsey

Pastor Dorsey graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1992 with a BA Degree in Pastoral Studies. He became the pastor of Westside

Baptist Church in November of 2007. Pastor Dorsey is married to Sara and they have 4 children: Nicole, Michael, Megan and Kaitlynn.

Bro. Ron Clapp

Bro. Clapp is our minister of music. Bro. Clapp graduated from Baptist University of America in 1981. He became our minister of

music in July of 2014. Bro. Clapp is married to Glory and they have 2 children: Le-Dawn and Savannah.

Bro. Michael Dorsey

Bro. Dorsey is our new youth pastor and the son of our pastor. Bro. Dorsey graduated from Commonwealth Baptist College in May 2020. He became our youth pastor in June of 2020. Bro. Dorsey is newly married to Mindy.